Waiting for a bus…

A vintage VW Split Screen bus

With the Early Bay window Westfalia camper sold and gone to its new owner, I have been busy narrowing down the field and looking for my next vintage VW camper!

early bay in the golden hour sun
early bay in the golden hour sun

Bus searching

In many ways, looking in the middle of summer is not the ideal time to be looking for my new camper, as most VW owners are too busy using and enjoying their campers in the summer sun and holidays. Also due to their ever-increasing popularity, the prices tend to be higher in this peak season of demand! Having said that, as I’m not looking for a project the time, if I can find the right one that is all ready to go, there should still be plenty of summer and autumn left to enjoy it.

beautiful Early Bay Dormobile camper
beautiful Early Bay Dormobile camper

Looking far and wide

As the exchange rate for both America (US Dollar) and Europe (Euro) is not that great currently, I’m focusing my search within the UK at the moment. So unlike previous buses, the next one will not be getting shipped across the water from Toronto, Canada, or New York, Texas, Florida or California in the United States of America!

1965 VW Kombi
1965 VW Kombi

That said, even within the UK, I’m happy to travel to get the right bus. With my early ragtop beetle, I even flew up to Inverness in northern Scotland to buy it and drive it home!

My favourite (still missed!) 1960 RHD ‘Golde’ Ragtop Volkswagen Beetle
My favourite (still missed!) 1960 RHD ‘Golde’ Ragtop Volkswagen Beetle

No big projects this time

However, a UK sourced camper should also help in terms of being able to view buses in the flesh, as opposed to relying heavily on descriptions and photos. In most likelihood, it could still end up being an imported bus anyway, just without the additional hassles of having to do it all myself again. It will also mean that things like having a valid UK MOT (road safety certificate) and registration, will be things that should already be in place.

that will buff right out…
that will buff right out…

Camper interior would be nice

From experience, buying a VW camper that is sorted, on the road and running to a standard you are happy with, will often end up being both cheaper and a lot less hassle in the long run, as long as there is plenty of documented evidence to show the extent of any work that has been carried out!

Early classic VW camping interior
Early classic VW camping interior

Wonderful Westfalia

The other key thing I’m looking for ideally is to find a VW Split screen with a camping interior in place. Having seen and experienced the quality and versatility of the SO67 Westfalia interior in the Early Bay, you soon realise how practical they are!

1965 SO42 Westfalia pop top camper
1965 SO42 Westfalia pop-top camper

My bus is out there…

Unfortunately, original camping interiors in VW Split screen buses seem possibly a bit harder to find than in Bay Window buses (possibly due to the age differential?). In the absence of an original interior, there is often a range of home-made interiors or modern interiors fitted, utilising a range of modern alternative ‘Rock and Roll’ beds, cookers, fridges/coolers, storage options.

So my VW Split screen checklist continues to grow…

  1. Not a project!
  2. More stock than a custom build
  3. On the road
  4. Current MOT
  5. UK registered
  6. Camping Interior
  7. Ready to go!
  8. Solid and mechanically sorted

I may not be able to get everything, but I wonder what I’ll find…

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