vintage VW’s are much like comedy, it’s all about timing…

So with the new Vintage Speed stainless steel sports muffler exhaust all installed, it’s time to get the 1600cc engines 500+ mile service sorted. I had delayed this a little to allow me time to get the new exhaust system all fitted, so that way, when the engines carbs and emissions were adjusted, it can all be done with the final exhaust system in place.

the new Vintage Speed exhaust looks and sounds great!
the new Vintage Speed exhaust looks and sounds great!

Engine before set-up…

So I booked it in with the ever helpful guys at Resto Classics to get the engines 500mile service sorted. As I’m running an electronic ignition for a vacuum advance distributer, there were no points/condenser to change or anything, it was a case of getting the oil changed, cleaning the filter and adjusting the tappets, they also adjusted the carbs and emissions to suit the new exhaust system as apparently it was running a bit rich! They also double checked and adjusted all the brakes again as they were now properly bedded in after they had to previously changed them all for me a little while ago.

Whilst doing this they noticed the spring plates were a little loose so got them tightened up as well (explains what the noise was when going over a bump!), so all in all, it’s had a good going over prior to the forthcoming trip to Ninove, Belgium!

fun in the sun at Dungeness, Kent
fun in the sun at Dungeness, Kent

It was nice to take the Split screen camper out for a run in the sun, not sure if it was psychological or not, but it certainly felt a lot better for having the service and new exhaust system all sorted out!

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