time for some new memory making moments…

Target setting

What’s good about having a few targets? It gives me some kind of focused motivation to get things done! Well, one of my targets is now set and booked! This year I wanted to get my act together and book a place at the International Vintage Volkswagen Show in Hessisch Oldendorf. By all accounts, it’s a pretty unique and amazing show…

‘Alongside the atmosphere of the town of Hessisch Oldendorf with its timbered facades and the nearly traditional program like the evening events in downtown and city hall, the 3-day swap market in the rustic timbered atmosphere, an amphibious vehicle tour and the tourist tour, a separate camping area for show participants and visitors with younger vehicles – virtually a huge air-cooled show in the show. With over 900 registered vehicles, hundreds of air-cooled visitors vehicles, 45,000 visitors and over 1,450 participants from 32 nations the last show was the largest vintage VW show of the world’

Hessisch Oldendorf

I’m not normally good at booking things in advance, so this is a bit of a first for me, as the show is not until 23rd-25th June! Still, it gives me plenty of time to plan a few things and work on some interior updates to my bus before then. I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the rare and early buses, split-window bugs and various other air-cooled vehicles, plus of course, seeing Schwimmwagens schwimming in the Weser river!

Found a cool video from the 2013 show to give a taster of what it’s about…


I might even make a bit more of a trip out of it once the show ends, after all, it will be summer by then, and there is always lots to explore… Ideally, I also want to get along to the earlier Freddy Files event in Ninove, Belgium with my bus buddy Ollie. I couldn’t make it last year because of work commitments 🙁

Camp out at Cite Europe pre Ninove cruise…
Camp out at Cite Europe pre-Ninove cruise…

Last time I went to Ninove with Ollie then waving him off on his return trip back to the UK on Eurostar, I pushed on with my own solo European road trip. I recently tried to plot out the route from memory, I got to approx. 1,170 miles…

Unhappy endings

It did not have the happiest of endings to the trip, hence why no return route is shown on the map! 🙁

always good to get out an about in the bus
always good to get out and about in the bus

Time to make some happier road trip memories this time! 🙂


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