time flies when you’re having fun in a 52 year old camper

Sad anniversary

Hard to believe that it was literally a year ago today I bought this VW camper after having lost my previous bus to fire – clearly time does fly when you’re having fun in a 1964 vintage VW camper!

looking forward to some more road trip adventures…
looking forward to some more road trip adventures…

Electrical gremlins

Another anniversary that coincides with getting the bus is renewing its MOT! Having spent a lot of time going through the bus over during the first year of ownership and getting its mechanicals checked and/or updated, any issues should be minor… The MOT inspector was very impressed with the overall condition of a 52-year-old bus! However, as part of their thorough inspection, did pick up a couple of minor electrical gremlins. The rear number plate light and the horn were not working (connection/earth issues or maybe a bulb?) and there was a slight imbalance in the front brakes.

whatchu looking at
whatchu looking at

Good first year

So not too bad. I’ll get these bits sorted to get the MOT passed so I can be back on the road again soon…

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