the Snake Pass to Scotland, todays going to be a driving day

Good nights sleep at our first Brit Stop, and in the mood for a full English breakfast at Snake Pass Inn to start the day off right! Before heading off on todays journey, there was a little niggle that needed sorting on the bus first…

Snake Pass Inn breakfast of champions to start the day off right!
Snake Pass Inn breakfast of champions to start the day off right!

The cigarette lighter socket was playing up, but fortunately I had a cunning plan and managed to rig up a ‘temporary’ workaround solution – happy days! Easy to forget the importance of the humble 12v cigarette lighter socket! At least I would be able to keep the iPhone charged as I use it with the TomTom app as my sat nav system!

good start to the day, driving over the Snake Pass…
good start to the day, driving over the Snake Pass…

Overcast start to the day, but nonetheless, great to continue the drive along the A57 Snake Pass as it winds across the Peak District and crosses the Pennines as we head onwards and upwards… today will mostly be a driving day as we head towards Scotland!

The map shows our approx. route as we tried to avoid motorways when possible so we could get to see as much of the country as possible, plus at a steady 55mph its a much better journey off the motorway. It’s amazing just how much the countryside and scenery changes as you travel around the UK, it’s easy to forget just how beautiful the country is! Today is pretty going to be a driving day as our plan is to make it across the border into Scotland and stay at Hawick tonight…

Well we finally arrived at Hawick (pronounced locally as ‘Hoick’ apparently?) and set the camper up at our latest Brit Stop of the Horse and Hound Country Inn in Bonchester Bridge. After grabbing something to eat, we heard singing coming from the hotel public bar. Curiosity got the better of us, so we wandered though and stumbled into a spontaneous folk/country music singing session with a local musician and a selection of guests and villagers joining in singing various Don McLean, Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers and Simon and Garfunkel standards. We managed to take part in a unique version of the Boxer by Simon & Garfunkel like you’ve never heard it before… with kitchen trays for the impact on the chorus – you had to be there! Looks like our time in Scotland should be fun! 🙂

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