the search is over and a new chapter of the vdubxs adventure begins…

Well, after a lot of looking around and soul-searching as to what I wanted to do next, it looks like a new chapter in the vdubxs adventure is about to begin! After trawling high and low all over the world on various forums, strangely enough, my dream bus happened to turn up pretty locally to me again, not in a dissimilar way I found my previous 1965 Canterbury Pitt camper. I must be some kind of VW bus magnet!

original early 1963 ‘ice pick’ style cab door handles
original early ‘ice pick’ style cab door handles

I was never going to be able to replace like for like with my old camper, so this is consciously a pretty different type of bus from my last couple of campers. So now the deposit has been paid and currently I’m waiting for a few little tweaks to be finished off before I go over to collect it – can’t wait to drive it home and be back on the road again!

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