the Historic Vehicle status advantage of owning a vintage VW split screen camper

Getting a new vehicle, vintage or not, always requires a certain amount of paperwork to complete all the formalities. Having switched my insurance over and with the split screen camper only having just recently passed it’s latest annual MOT, it was time to get some of the last little bits sorted on the bus. First of these was a trip to the local post office to get the completed Vehicle registration certificate (V5) sent off to the DVLA so that the vintage VW split screen camper could be officially transferred to my name.

Always nice to get 12 months road tax for free!
Always nice to get 12 months road tax for free!

Whilst there, I also took advantage of the opportunity to update the split screen campers road tax. It is an especially nice feeling when you can get the full 12 months road tax for free (£0.00) because of its ‘Historic Vehicle’ status as a 1965 vehicle.

There are not that many things that are associated with split screen camper ownership that are ‘free’ – apart from the enjoyment of driving them of course!

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