that time of the year again… MOT time

Time flies

Crazy, it must be soon coming up to a year since I bought my vintage VW split screen camper as it’s already time to get its annual MOT renewed – time must really fly when you’re having fun! Looking at the previous MOT’s it would appear I have done more miles in my first year of ownership than in total by its previous owner. This year I’ve done just over 5,140 miles and counting as opposed to the 1,669 done over the previous 5 years!

time for the splitty to get its annual MOT…
time for the splitty to get its annual MOT…

Brake imbalance

I normally take my vehicles to the Just MOT’s centre in Bexhill, as I have always found them to be both friendly and fair in their service. This year I was not expecting the camper to have any major issues with the test, and sure enough, there was only some front braking imbalance that needed sorting out to get past. Once this was done, back to have it rechecked before getting its new 12-month certificate, happy days!

awning up, time to get the kettle on!
awning up, time to get the kettle on!

Upgrade time?

I guess this is one of the small downsides of having stock drum brakes as opposed to having a disc brake upgrade which self-adjusts. I must admit I am tempted to consider going for a wide 5 front disc upgrade at some point…

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