taking the long road to nowhere (but I don’t mind!)

Having waved goodbye to Ollie last night at the EuroTunnel departure gates for his trip back to blighty, I found myself in the situation of being Billy no mates, camping in the Cite Europe camper zone area for the night once again. After the fun and walking around Ninove looking at all the great vintage cars and bikes, I was pretty shattered so a bite to eat and then bed for me!

Well, today was the day for my adventures to begin. The plan for the day, in the broadest sense of the word, was to head south. This was for a 184 miles trip to see Le Corbusiers iconic modernist architectural masterpiece that is the Villa Savoye in Poissy in the north-western outskirts of Paris. Now if Audrey Hepburn thought that ‘Paris is always a good idea’, then surely visiting something near Paris equally

has to be a pretty good thing to do? Well it would have been if it had been open on the day I visited! Sacré bleu! As tantalising as the glimpses of the building were through a hedge, I would need to maybe reschedule this for another day, maybe on my way back home in a couple of weeks time? #StupidHippyPlanning

It seemed too early in the day to stop in Poissy, so I decided to push on whilst the going was good. It would add another 147 miles to the day heading around Paris and then heading south-west to get to an Aire in a small village called Piney just outsides of Troyes. A long days driving, but at least it would make the next part of the adventure a little easier to reach, and plenty of time to enjoy the expansive rural landscape en route!

time to get wonderfully lost in the French countryside
time to get wonderfully lost in the French countryside

All was going well, I was around 6 miles short of my intended stop over for the night when I heard a ticking sound and noticed the speedo had stopped working? Once I had finally found my place to park up for the night, it was time for some well-earned rest. The speedo was something to be investigated in the morning…

Total travel; 331 miles

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