Road trip fun in the sun

Let’s go road trip!

Even if it’s just for a few days, a mini road trip seemed like a great idea. Weather was ideal. I’d already been to our local beach a few times for a dip. Water was a great temp for cooling off in the heat. However, no point having a camper if you don’t use it!

RIP Wilson… Helinox beach life
RIP Wilson… Helinox beach life

Hot, hot, hot!

When I got to the bus, it was a blistering 50º inside! My new magnetic thermometer had officially just about maxed out! All windows were immediately opened and the bus started quickly just to get me moving and have some air flowing through the vehicle! It was a quick dash back to grab some gear before heading off to the supermarket for a few essential supplies. All sorted, it was time to head off. Road trip time!

windows open, getting the 50º temperature down a bit
windows open, getting the 50º temperature down a bit


Great to be on the move at last. Nothing like a golden hour drive in the late afternoon sunshine. I’m very lucky to live in a very beautiful part of the UK. Music was on, windows open and the enjoyment of any ever-changing horizon unfolding as the miles passed by. All going well… that is until someone decided to pull out at speed whilst I was on a roundabout! I had to drastically swerve and brake to avoid them, and fortunately, they eventually saw me at the last minute and slammed on their brakes! I genuinely thought I was going to get T-boned and flipped over! Luckily, a collision was narrowly averted, but it was way too close for comfort! Time for a deep breath! Really glad I had upgraded my brakes and steering!

Fellows Speed Shop disc brake kit
Fellows Speed Shop disc brake kit

Happy memory place

Growing up as kids, I have happy memories of holidays and weekend day trips out in my Dads camper. Not sure why, but I remembered a particular lay-by spot that we would often stop at on the way back from Folkestone in Kent. It had space to run around, trees you could climb. I remember it being a place of fun. It made a great spot to pull over and use the campers kitchen facilities to have a picnic. Not sure what brought this memory back, but I thought it would be interesting to try and revisit the lay-by (if I could find it) now that I have my own camper.

memory making times in our VW Westfalia camper
memory-making times in our VW Westfalia camper

Now I know

I managed to find this particular random lay-by, so this was going to be my first destination as a stopover on my mini local road trip. This would be the first time I would have ever come back here since I was a kid. It has been a while!

a special moment at a special place to me
a special moment at a special place to me

As I drove my way up the final steep approach hill in my camper, it suddenly became very familiar again. Pulling in and parking up, it immediately became apparent why my Dad loved stopping here. The view out over the countryside was pretty special. Very tranquil and picturesque. Being back here as an adult in my own camper was very poignant. It’s the kind of spot I loved too. Maybe I’m not that dissimilar to him after all these years? I wonder what my Dad would have made of me rocking around in an old camper van after all these years?

New memories

With the sun slowly slipping below the horizon, it was time to get the blinds up on the camper and get the bed set-up. Time to get back into road trip mode, it has been a while.

whatchu looking at
whatchu looking at

Cool silk

It was still really warm tonight, so it will be a case of sleeping with the pop-out windows open tonight. No need for a sleeping bag in this heat! I only needed to bring my silk sleeping bag liner for this trip. Perfect for these hot, balmy summer nights. The silk sleeping bag liner is an ultra-lightweight and breathable liner. It can be used alone or in conjunction with a sleeping bag, for a bit of extra warmth when it gets cold. It will help keep you warm in the cold or cool in the heat. It helps your body to regulate temperature more effectively.

a Jag Bag silk sleeping bag liner from Terrevista Trails- an essential bit of travel kit
a Jag Bag silk sleeping bag liner from Terrevista Trails – an essential bit of travel kit

Road trip fun

road trip summer open-door policy
road trip summer open-door policy

It’s easy to forget the fun a solo road trip can bring. For me, it’s the perfect way to unwind, clear my head and relax. Already looking forward to what tomorrow will bring…

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