project winterisation complete so back on the road again

Back on the road

With the new fog/reverse lights fitted and cavities wax oiled to complete the winterisation, it was time to add some fuel and go for a ride in the bus after all the work has been completed! Itā€™s great to be sitting behind the steering wheel once again!

golden hour at Dungeness
golden hour at Dungeness

With some fuel in the tank, it was time to enjoy some winter weekend sunshine and go for a drive šŸ™‚ I always enjoy the road out to Dungeness.Ā Sometimes described asĀ the ā€˜desert of Englandā€™Ā orĀ where the ā€˜wild west meets the post-apocalypticā€™ IĀ love itsĀ stark but striking beauty, plus you get to see the contemporary black stainedĀ North VatĀ house by Rodic DavidsonĀ Architects!

Twoā€™s company

Further up the road, would you believe it, but a chance encounter with another split-screen bus! Well, you know what they say about waiting for busesā€¦ So I parked up and stopped for a bit of a chat with the owners. A couple of locals who liked me loved coming for a drive over and walk around the area.

fancy meeting you hereā€¦
fancy meeting you hereā€¦

Steering rack conversion

The drive over was my first real chance to properly experience the various upgrades that Resto Classics had recently carried out on the bus. The most obvious being the power-assisted steering rack they custom fabricated and fitted. Transformation really is an understatement! The steering is now lighter than Lornas Golf GT TDI! Itā€™s really smooth and precise, no road wandering whatsoever. Coupled with the bus sound insulation improvements we fitted, you get to hear the power-assisted pump in operation! #FirstWorldProblems

custom power assisted steering rack system
the custom power-assisted steering rack system

Wilwood disc brakes

Coupled with the Fellows Speed Shop front disc brake kit, the whole driving experience has been massively improved. The extra confidence (and stopping power!) that having the Wilwood 4 pot callipers and Vented Porsche 944 discs fitted is not to be underestimated. I was thinking of going for a brake servo at the same time as fitting the brake kit, but it really is not needed, the brakes are that good!

winter dusk as the sun slowly setsā€¦
winter dusk as the sun slowly setsā€¦

Light fantastic

After a nice drive out and walk around Dungeness, timeĀ to head backĀ andĀ watch the wintry sun go down over the horizonā€¦

light time by the sea
light time by the sea

With the sun setting, perfect chance to try out the upgraded headlight bulbs, and of course the cool vintage front spotlights ā€“ just because I can! šŸ™‚ Winter road trip anybody?

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