the stunning forms and facade of Le Corbusier’s masterpiece of Architecture, La Ronchamp Chapel
Relaxed and refreshed after a day of ‘La Dolce Far Niente’ (Italian for the ‘sweetness of doing nothing’) in Wanderparkplatz Roßbergwiesen, it was time to push on through the Black Forest region of south-west Germany and head into France. Crossing over into France in this instance, meant crossing the Rhine river. For once […]

auf wiedersehen Deutschland… bonjour France

the sweetness of doing nothing in a beautiful location… perfect!
After spending a couple of interesting days at Nuremberg, it was time to push on to somewhere new for a change. One option was to head further south towards Stuttgart and possibly see the Porsche Museum there? That sounded like a […]

Getting lost can be a great opportunity

beautiful landscaped grounds with lakes and trails for walking/running or biking in
After a couple of happy days at Wolfsburg looking at old cars, it was time to push on to somewhere new and do something different for a bit. I did a some looking around and found what sounded to be […]

Heading south to Nuremberg

1951 Dannenhauer & Stauss VW Type 1 Cabriolet 6
I wanted to make the most of my stay in Wolfsburg, so after a nice evening chatting with a couple from Belgium staying overnight in their cool Early Bay camper at the Autostadt, it was time for another early start for […]

the wheeled wonders of Wolfsburg…

iconic tail fin from the Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible V8
After all the hectic excitement of the Hessisch Oldendorf HO17 show, it was nice to be back behind the wheel and on the road again, heading for a new destination. Wolfsburg here I come! With no particular rush and plenty of […]

a kind of homecoming… Wolfsburg beckons

an old perspective on perfection… stunning line up!
You soon realise the moment you start wandering around the streets of Hessisch Oldendorf that this really is a show like no other. It seemed like every street you walked down, or corner you turned, there was something special to […]

Hessisch – less words… more pictures!

doesn’t get much better than this original type 166 Schwimmwagen 2
Another early start, but the enticement of getting an early hot shower to start the day was enough to get me out of bed, knowing that I needed to get my bus into town and be registered before 9am. There […]

from 666 to type 166… Hessisch rocks!

Wowzers, a bare metal Rometsch coach built cabriolet, clearly this is going to be a great show! 2
Today is the day my bus finally finds its way back to its country of origin. It’s spent most of its life out in the west coast state of California in America before it came to me. Now it has […]

The final miles to Hessisch… das ist gut

time to board the ferry… next stop mainland Europe
After all the work getting the interior panels done, it’s finally time for a little road trip to Hessisch Oldendorf for the HO17 Vintage car show 2017. This show only takes place every 4 years so is pretty special. It […]

Hastings to Hessisch an everything in between…

perfect weather to be using the Fabrik Interiors cargo door canopy
As the decent weather continues, it’s good to crack on and get some more of the interior panels in place, plus once they’re in, the table and a few little extras can also be fitted. It’s almost like there is […]

the end in sight, Hessisch beckons…

We are here and it is now! | This is who I am cargo door panels
Well, my original non-original interior panels are coming along nicely… OK, I know they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but the beauty of this interior is that nothing original gets harmed… well unless you count the original letterpress posters by graphic artist, […]

letterpress inspired interior for a classic camper