original VW stock or modified? There are always choices to be made…

After getting the ‘new’ longer original VW wiper bodies fitted, I thought it might be a good opportunity to try some 11″ sprung stainless steel wiper blades. With summer sun slowly fading to autumn rain, any slight improvement in performance of the stock flat straight VW wiper blades has to be worth a try!

original stock VW wiper blades
original stock VW wiper blades

I’m normally pretty keen on keeping things stock where possible, but I’m not a 100% purist on all things. There have been various advances and improvements made which benefit the driving experience of owing a vintage VW bus (for an example, I love my Gene Berg bus shifter!) and safety issues such as the increased use of ethanol in modern fuel and the need to fit suitably safe fuel pipe with the air cooled engine such as the 100% Bio-fuel ‘Fit and Forget’ Fuel Hose from VW Aircooled Works.

trial of some 11" stainless steel sprung wipers
trial of some 11″ stainless steel sprung wipers

However, changing the style of wiper blade is purely a cosmetic thing. Not sure what I feel about them yet, but will see how they perform in the wet and take things from there…

looking at the last few days of summer over the roof patina
looking at the last few days of summer over the roof patina

Hopefully, maybe the summer sun will last a bit longer mind you in our sunny little haven here on the south-east corner of England, and I won’t be needing them too soon!

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