old rubbers out, windows out, time to see what lurks beneath…

Hidden away

One of the worries I had when contemplating getting new window rubbers fitted, was what unexpected surprises might be hiding underneath the old perished rubbers? That plus the quintessentially rainy English winter weather! I really did not fancy getting stuck outside with the glass out and the rain pouring in! So it really was a no brainer of a decision to get some professional help from the guys at Resto Classics at this stage! Plus being an extra pair of hands with the work, I might even learn something in the process!

glass out and check to see the condition of the inner window frames
glass out and check to see the condition of the inner window frames

Starting at the back with the tailgate, good news, apart from general dirt and dust that had accumulated over time, the window came out fine and the inside of the frame was in pretty good condition. There were some small spots of surface rust that could easily be treated with some Granville Rust Cure – Heavy-Duty Rust Converter – a new product to me that I learnt about from my helping out – see, every day is a school day!

so that will be where the leak is from
so that will be where the leak is from

Hidden nasty

Most of the other fixed side windows came out OK with no hidden nasties lurking underneath which was great. Unfortunately, there was one frame which had a not so good area hidden under the old perished rubber. This would help explain where the small leak had been coming from. Times like this I was very glad I had come to Resto Classics to get the work done! Phil had anticipated this might be the case with some of the window frames. Fortunately, it had been caught early enough without having too much damage being done! Whilst I got on with some more menial tasks, Phil set about making the inner window frame good again…

time to bare metal the rust effected area
time to bare metal the rust affected area

Back to clean metal

Time to break out a mini grinder and get the affected area bare metal treated with some Granville Heavy-Duty Rust Converter. This is the rust converter used by the oil and marine industries, the MoD and NATO. It is used to stop corrosion in environments far more severe than my bus will ever see… and by all accounts, it really works! It goes on pale blue but drys to a tough gloss black finish that can then be top-coated with most paints. It kills old rust and stops new rust forming. It’s also environmentally and ecologically safe, acid and lead free plus it’s non-flammable. Think I need to have a can of this for future use!

time to apply some Granville Rust Cure - Heavy Duty Rust Converter
time to apply some Granville Rust Cure – Heavy-Duty Rust Converter

Rust Converter

Painting on the Granville rust converter was something I could do whilst Phil moved on to the next task in hand. Looks like this job might take a little longer than anticipated, but better to get it done right first time than rush it!

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