not often you get excited by the arrival of a slightly oil stained cardboard box

Original replacement

OK, I guess the arrival of a slightly battered and oil-stained cardboard box is not normally the most exciting thing in the world, but this was a bit different. I had been on the look out for a decent condition original VW oil bath air filter for a while and at last, I had found something for sale on the SSVC forum that fitted the bill.

original VW stamped oil bath filter
original VW stamped oil bath filter

Oil bath air filter

So whilst the bits were getting sorted for the MOT at Resto Classics, I took the opportunity of getting the aftermarket pancake air filter replaced with the original VW factory spec oil bath air filter. OK, so it’s not so shiny, but it should help provide preheat to the carburettor and prevent potential carb icing whilst also allowing the breather to work correctly – see, stock really does rock! 🙂

original oil bath air filter fitted in place
original oil bath air filter fitted in place

MOT sorted

Now the bus is all sorted and ready for the MOT retest (which it passes with ease!). So back on the road again for another 12 months – happy days! 🙂 In celebration my son and I went off for a drive to Rye to watch Marvels Captain America: Civil War at the cinema as a little treat!

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