The countdown to Ninove starts here…


Ninove 2024 dates confirmed as Saturday 9th March 2024!

The air-cooled take over of the Belgium town of Ninove is a great family weekend event for all.

People from all over Europe and the UK make it to the event. There is a fun UK Cruise to Ninove event that makes more of a group road trip to the weekend’s festivities. 

If you’ve not been before, it’s well worth going to. It’s one of my favourite annual European air-cooled shows. Plenty to do, lots and lots to see and a great excuse for a European road trip in your air-cooled ride!

my Cruise to Ninove t-shirt design

Some of you might even have the t-shirt, or at least have seen the logo I designed for the initial UK Cruise to Ninove event?

Want to see what all the fuss is about?

Showtime… Ninove 2019! Unfortunately, once again because of work commitments, it’s unclear whether or not I’llbe able to make it this year. It could

Real Van Life

Everyday ownership of a classic VW Split screen camper van and all the adventures that go towards keeping it on the road as a daily driver in the UK.

Warning it’s not all about Instagram lifestyle shots of beautiful people posing on the roof of the bus staring off into the landscape or watching the surf come in.

However, it is all about having fun! 

Getting out and about using the bus as it was intended to be used. To travel, explore, go camping in and have road trip adventures.

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