keeping it clean…

Having spent a long time (and a lot of money) getting the VW Early Bay Window SO67 Westfalia Camper sorted and back on the road again, gleaming in its original L87 Pearl White paint, I really wanted to make sure these ‘good looks’ would last!

The guys at Sussex Kampers highly recommended that instead of keeping it under a cover, where damp can get trapped, that instead I keep it regularly cleaned and waxed to help build up its protection against the elements.

The whole car cleaning thing was a bit of a new thing to me, never having had a vintage VW looking this good (shiny), or painted to the standard that the SO67 Westfalia was!

Having done some research into it, I had heard a lot of people really rate the Meguiars range of automotive cleaning products, so I thought to start off with, I would invest in their NXT Generation Wash and Wax kit to start me off with.

Meguiars wash and wax kit

Meguiars wash and wax kit

Not having anything to really compare it to, the Meguiars NXT Generation Wash and Wax kit seemed to provided a pretty good car cleaners starters kit, the only additional item I bought on top, was a decent sized chamois leather to do help dry the surface of the Early Bay before applying the NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 to the painted areas.

Meguiars wash and wax kit

The Meguiars NXT Generation car wash liquid is really concentrated (you only need two small capfuls per wash), so although the whole kit was not that cheap, it does work out to be pretty cost effective in the long run as it really does last! It comes with a micro fibre wash mitt, a soft foam applicator pad (for applying the NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0) plus a Supreme Shine micro fibre towel for the final polish of the wax finish.

I did give the camper another wash and wax yesterday a there was a break in the snow/rain, but it’s a bit late for pics of the result, they will need to follow…

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