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I only recommend products or have affiliate links to services that I use myself. I have hosted various websites over many years and can honestly say, that Site Ground is a clear cut above the rest. Both in terms of performance, and most importantly, excellent customer service support.

Fast. Really fast

Their web hosting service is built on the best available technologies combined with their own unique solutions created in-house. This powerful, hands-on approach makes sites faster, safer, and easier to manage.

Powerful hardware

We carefully choose all the hardware our platform is built on and update it frequently. Your sites are hosted on powerful machines with high-speed SSD disks in some of the best data centres in the world.

Fastest software and protocols

We are constantly among the first hosting companies to provide their users access to the latest speed technologies. Our customers do not have to wait in order to take advantage of the newest PHP versions or the most innovative protocols like HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, OCSP Stapling and QUIC.

Speed boosting solutions

Our SuperCacher is a powerful in-house caching solution based on Nginx reverse proxy and Memcached. Free Cloudflare CDN with Railgun is included in all plans. WordPress users can boost their site speed even more with the help of our unique SG Optimizer plugin.

Secure. Really secure

They maintain a highly specialised security team to address web security threats, a development team to create advanced custom security solutions, and a 24/7 system administration team to watch over our platform.

Real-time server health checks

Our unique monitoring system checks the server status every 0.5 sec and not only detects ongoing issues and fixes many of them automatically, but is also able to prevent potential problems.

AI anti-bot against malicious traffic

Our smart AI system blocks between 500,000 and 2 million brute-force attempts per day and stops malicious traffic before it reaches our customers’ sites.

Smart WAF to protect you from exploits

Our security team is watching out for emerging threats and software vulnerabilities and writes smart new firewall rules to protect our servers and sites from hacking and breaches.

24/7 system administration team

A team of highly experienced system administrators is watching over our platform 24/7, ready to take immediate actions in case any issue is detected.

Support. There when you need it

The support team is famous for being fast, friendly and helpful. I can personally vouch for that. They really are excellent regardless of the problem or questions asked! Every year, customers confirm this fact with close to 100% satisfaction rates.

Capable & well-prepared people

We make sure that the people helping our customers are really well prepared. They undergo intensive training, a long mentorship period, and get frequent feedback and evaluations of their work to keep their expertise at its best.

Friendly & helpful attitude

We believe that the friendly and positive attitude, even in the hardest moments, is the best foundation for a solid long-term relationship with our clients. Our support team works not only with their brains but with their hearts too.

Empowering the client

Our work not only aims to resolve the issues at hand, but to also empower our clients. Our support reps write Knowledge Base articles and take the time to educate our clients how to become capable webmasters, able to resolve the site issues that may come their way.

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