Hessisch – less words… more pictures!

Hessisch, a show like no other

You soon realise the moment you start wandering around the streets of Hessisch Oldendorf that this really is a show like no other. It seemed like every street you walked down, or corner you turned, there was something special to see…

an old perspective on perfection… stunning line up!
an old perspective on perfection… stunning lineup!

Roads filled with rarity

Things that normally feature in some museum, here are found parked the streets, and not necessarily just the one example either! Where else do you see groups of Hebmüller Cabriolets, Rometschs, Kübelwagens, early Porsche 356’s or examples of pre-1940‘s Beetles?

iconic classic early Porsche 356
iconic classic early Porsche 356

Plenty of Porsches too!

It was like an automotive who’s who of early air-cooled history in the metal! VW Barndoor buses are rare, but here they were the newer kids on the block! Me in my early 1964 bus, the unruly teenage upstart!

beautiful bus trailer combo
beautiful bus trailer combo

Barndoor buses everywhere!

It was getting to the point where there were almost too many amazing vehicles to see in a real #FirstWorldProblem. From concourse to the battered survivor, there was something for everyone. The range of variation is where the fun and vitality is. It would be boring if everything was the same.

a whole lot of crazy going on right here with this Barndoor Samba
a whole lot of crazy going on right here with this Barndoor Samba

Hessisch camping up top

The weather for the event was decent, although Sunday was a classic mix of showers and sunshine. It didn’t seem to dampen people’s enthusiasm, however. As chance would have it, during one such shower I bumped into a friend and got invited into the shelter of her boyfriends rather nice 1955 Palm green/Sand green bus for a piece of cake whilst waiting for the rain to stop! Thanks for the hospitality Adam, cool bus! So every cloud an all that! 🙂

small is beautiful, especially with extra room up top!
small is beautiful, especially with extra room up top!

Schwimmwagens making a BIG splash!

In a way that sort of typified the vibe of the event as a whole, warm and friendly. From the strangers, you meet and end up chatting with briefly, to the people who helped put the whole thing on in the first place, and the marshals who organise and make the event actually happen over the long weekend. Combined with all the amazing vehicles on display, contributed to making it a really memorable show. So looking forward to HO21 already!

If you like any of the pics or see your vehicle from the show, feel free to like/share the post or even subscribe to vdubxs.com for further updates! Rather than bore you with my ramblings on the show, you might just want to browse the next batch of photos from the event in the gallery below? It features some more of the various vehicles/details that caught my eye for whatever reason…

A little Hessisch gallery of delight

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Sun goes down on Hessisch

With events slowly winding down and the event gradually drawing to a conclusion on Sunday afternoon, it was time to make some post-show plans of my own. Showtime was over, so where to go and what to do next then?

no filler on this bare metal Rometsch coach built cabriolet!
no filler on this bare metal Rometsch coach-built cabriolet!

So this next part of the trip I had kept loose and flexible. Having looked at the map, the actual VW museum in Wolfsburg was fairly near, so this became my new destination for the next phase of my mini European road trip, time to hit the road once more for pastures new…

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