great to be back behind the wheel of a vintage VW split screen bus again

Camper collection

Before collecting my new bus to drive home, I had agreed with the seller to get a few alterations carried out whilst he was getting a new MOT sorted for it. The previous owner in sunny California had slightly lowered the front and rear of the bus, but as everyone knows, stock rocks, so one of the first things I wanted to do was to give the bus some increased altitude and get the running gear put back to stock!

stock rocks, available in a range of colours…
stock rocks, available in a range of colours…

At the front, there was an adjustable front beam. I sourced a good solid stock beam (bare) to replace this with so that the usable components could be transferred over to it. In essence, the beam and front suspension got a complete overhaul! The beam leaves were fitted and packed with new grease. A new front anti-roll bar kit was fitted, the swivel pin was a bit worn so this was removed, the housing freshly reamed before fitting a new swivel pin kit. The front brakes were also renewed with fresh brake fluid and bled.

Back to stock

The rear was in part lowered using notched spring plates. I had these removed and had original VW stock spring plates fitted and put back to standard stock height again, before getting the tracking reset.

With the recent bus fire in France still very much fresh in my memory, regardless of condition, I also had the existing fuel lines replaced with 100% Bio-fuel ‘Fit and Forget’ ethanol proof fuel hose bought from VW Aircooledworks. After chatting with Peter (the owner) I’m also seriously considering getting one of their Clean Gas Automatic Engine Bay Fire Suppression Systems along with one of their Fuel tank Cut-off solenoids for further peace of mind.

good to be back home again in my VW bus by the sea
good to be back home again in my VW bus by the sea

Behind the wheel again

With the alterations all carried out, it was great to finally collect the bus and drive it back home at last! Forgot how nice it was to be back behind the wheel of a split-screen again with a big grin on my face!

So now it’s home by the sea, time for the adventures and work to begin all over again…

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