the R’n’R Bed mechanism gets bolted securely in place

getting ready to rock ‘n’ roll

Apologies, it’s been a while! OK, so having picked up my full width rock ‘n’ roll bed, it was now time to get it fitted into the back of the bus. Having even a basic usable seat (let alone a bed!) in the back will make such a difference. For once there will be an actual visible sign of progress being made on the evolution of our vintage VW camper! 🙂

great quality 2.400 x 1.200 x 17mm sheet of premium hardwood plywood

The plywood side supports that came with the seat were a bit short and the kick panel for the rear seat had some fairly rough cut speaker holes in it. OK for initial rough guides or templates, but not something I wanted to keep. I decided to replace all of these with some new 18mm hardwood plywood, but because of the size needed, this meant getting a full 2400 mm x 1200mm sheet from a local timber merchant.

the R’n’R Bed mechanism gets bolted securely in place
the R’n’R Bed mechanism gets bolted securely in place
The guys at Resto Classics ensured the hinge mechanism aspect of the bench seat/bed mechanism was securely fitted and bolted in place with nylock nuts, then it was over to me to get busy with the woodwork. Time to break out the pencil, tape measure and some pizza box cardboard! The later being the perfect size to create some templates to make some new, better fitting plywood side support pieces, plus a new front kick panel.

more fun with pencil, scissors and cardboard templates for the R’n’R Bed side supports

The kick panel was pretty straightforward, but the side supports that butted up and around the rear wheel arches took a few attempts to get right. I wanted it to have them be a nice snug fit around the wheel arch, so a couple of trial attempts with cardboard allowed me to refine the final shape before committing to cutting the ply with my trusted jigsaw.

Once happy with the fit, it was a case of drilling some locating holes in the side pieces of ply to marry up with the predrilled holes in the metal rock ‘n’ roll hinge, and then bolting everything together. With the side pieces secured, I then fitted some hidden removable corner joint blocks to screw fit the kick panel in place. Now for the moment of truth…

trial fitting the R’n’R Bed… looks good enough to sleep on!

Woohoooo, success, we have what appears to be a working rear seat that magically turns into a full width bed – happy days! 🙂 Not sure if this will be a temporary solution, or the beginning of a longer term interior build, but it’s at least a start and a step in the right direction!

the mobile room with a view…

Now to test the bed out… a room with a seaview, perfect! 🙂

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