FREE 2020 Aircooled Calendar

It’s almost that time of the year again!

The time when gifts are given. Socks, jumpers, perfume and of course calendars! Well, no cheesy corporate gifts here. As a way of saying a big personal ‘Thank You’ to everyone that reads, follows or likes my website adventures, facebook, Instagram or YouTube posts, then I’ve designed an all-new, bespoke vdubxs Aircooled 2020 Calendar for you to enjoy.

This time I went a little off-script. Rules were broken. It’s a bit quirky. Less corporate. More individual. Things didn’t always make sense. It was fun. It’s now available for you!

FREE vdubxs 2020 calendar
FREE vdubxs 2020 calendar

My first 2018 calendar seemed to go down pretty well, so I thought I best up my game a bit, sharpen my pencils and design a new one for 2020. It’s a fun way to look back over some of the adventures and places visited. To celebrate them with a selection of images compiled into a FREE 2020 Aircooled calendar for you to enjoy!

If you don’t go, you won’t know…
If you don’t go, you won’t know…

Get your FREE 2020 Aircooled calendar today

Feel free to download and print it off, share and enjoy!

The details

  • Photos are from a mixture of events and road trips in England, Scotland, Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.
  • Images are taken from various events such as Dubs at DLWP, Ninove, Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Hessisch Oldendorf and Brighton Breeze plus the odd special event too! Who knows, your ride may even be in it!
  • Size: Final print size is A4 portrait (210mm x 297mm/8.27″ x 11.69″ for any non-metric friends)
  • Designed as a month per page format, so twelve calendar pages plus a single cover page in total
  • Saved in Adobe Acrobat pdf format for ease of sharing and printing, or a zipped version to download, save and print off
FREE vdubxs 2020 Aircooled Calendar FREE vdubxs 2020 Aircooled Calendar

Download the Calendar here…

Highest quality print version calendar

For best results, those with access to a high-quality printer, you can download this high-resolution, print quality, Adobe Acrobat pdf version of the calendar here (approx 5MB)…

Standard quality print version calendar

If you have access to a normal printer (or a slower internet connection) you can download this lower-resolution Adobe Acrobat pdf version here (approx 3MB)…

So seriously, how much is it?

Nought, nil, nada, nothing, zero, zilch, zip! As I said, this is totally free for you to print off, share and enjoy, no catches!

However, if you want to make any kind of small donation (obviously, there’s no obligation!) to help fund future road trips, videos and photography, then you are more than welcome to buy me a Ko-Fi – any/all donations are gratefully received!

feel free to support vdubxs and buy me a coffee/tea or beer! feel free to support vdubxs and buy me a coffee/tea or beer!
how much? FREE vdubxs 2020 calendar
how much? FREE vdubxs 2020 calendar

Show me where you put your calendar…

Hopefully, you’ll love the calendar and it will take pride of place somewhere. It would be great to see where in the world they end up? Why not send me some pics of it in its final location? You could post them up on the vdubxs facebook page or even share them onto the vdubxs Instagram account? It would be fun to see where they’ve ended up!

There will be honourable shout outs (or something…) who show pics of their vdubxs 2020 calendar furthest away from Hastings in the UK!

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