FREE 2018 Calendar

Free Calendar 2018

It’s been great to have had a bit more time on the road in 2017. I thought it might be a fun way to end the year off and celebrate this with a selection of images compiled into a first, a FREE vintage VW 2018 calendar for you to enjoy! Yes, free, no charge, no catch, no sign in or hook up, this is totally gratis for you to just print off, share and enjoy!

on the road… 2018 calendar © all rights reserved
on the road… 2018 calendar © all rights reserved

Get your FREE vintage VW 2018 calendar here…

The details

  • Photos are from events and road trips to Ninove, Hessisch Oldendorf (Ho17) and Brighton Breeze
  • Size: A4 landscape (297x210mm/11.69″ x 8.27″ for any non-metric friends ;))
  • Designed as two months to view per page format, so 7 pages in total including the cover page
  • Saved in Adobe Acrobat pdf format for ease of printing

For best results, those with access to a good-quality printer, you can download this high-resolution, print quality, Adobe Acrobat pdf version here…

on the road… 2018 calendar (High Res 15Mb file size)

If you have access to a more basic printer or a slower internet connection, you can download this lower-resolution Adobe Acrobat pdf version here…

on the road… 2018 calendar (Lower Res 1.52Mb file size)

As I said, this is totally free for you to print off, share and enjoy, no catches… although it would be fun to see the pics of where you actually put the calendar up? At work, on the fridge, in the garage, the workshop, shed or at the beach hut, maybe even in your vehicle… hopefully not in the bin, but who knows!?

It would be great to find out where they end up in the world, so why not send me some pics of it in location? You could post them up on the vdubxs Facebook page or even share them onto the new vdubxs Instagram account? 🙂

Anyway, hope everyone has a fun Christmas and New Year, and we will see what 2018 holds in store for us all…

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