dirty, but solid in all the right places

Busy time

I guess as the glorious summer weather seems to have come early, everyone wants to get their classic VW Camper sorted for summer fun (who can blame them?), so things at Southern Kombi Parts have got pretty busy of late!

The guys have been great at juggling different customers projects to keep all their customers happy, including getting picture updates sent through, something which I for one, have been very pleased and impressed by.

It provides a true photographic record of all the work that has been carried out; the good, the bad & the ugly are shown, so you know with 100% confidence exactly what has been done, which is really reassuring!

As once the initial preparation/painting stage is completed, all of the repair work will become invisible to the naked eye, and people can become (often rightly) sceptical of the extent/quality of work that could be hidden by a shiny paint job. Not in this case, there will be an extensive photographic record of all work that has been carried out to this VW Early Bay Westfalia camper!

New Roof

Exciting news as the new replacement roof section arrives. It’s a bit grubby, but more importantly, it is straight and solid in al the right places! Other good news was that it came complete with the roof bunk and the elusive four profiled aluminium strips that are used to fix the pop-top canvas to the roof.

New roof arrives, a bit grubby, but solid in all the right places!
New roof arrives, a bit grubby, but solid in all the right places!

Quality replacement

We’re planning on making some custom canvas bunk replacements for the roof bunk bed plus the one that goes over the front cab seats, but the main pop-top canvas is getting replaced with a high-quality replacement canvas that matches original colour and construction standards. There are cheaper off-the-peg options sold by various reproduction suppliers, but these are a very much an inferior product in terms of fit, quality, construction and colour – do it once, do it right!

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