decisions, decisions, decisions!

Repair or replace?

There comes a point when you need to weigh up whether it is more cost-effective to make what on the surface appears to be a more radical decision and replace larger sections of metal with replacement OG sections.

Into the workshop ready for the strip down and investigation
Into the workshop ready for the strip down and investigation

For example, with the drivers’ side cab door. It is, generally speaking, a pretty good door, but it is just starting to go at the bottom in a couple of places, so is it worth repairing the affected areas, or just simply replace it with a straight rust free imported door?

For me, the decision was quite easy, although a simple repair for someone competent with a welder, that is not my particular forte, and it would cost more in repair time than it would be to buy a suitable rust-free replacement door from the replacement parts that Southern Kombi Parts held in stock.

Time or money

So if there is a someone competent with a welder, looking for a decent cab door for their project, there is now one now listed in my 4 sale section. I will also be listing the tailgate there as well, as similar circumstances apply.

This decision will also help speed up the overall process and make the late spring/early summer completion date easier to achieve… hopefully!

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