decisions, decisions, decisions – what vintage VW camper to go for next?

It seems odd to wake up and not see my vintage air-cooled Early Bay Westy camper on the drive this morning – something that needs to be rectified as soon as possible!

I have started putting the feelers out and begun looking around for a ‘new’ (read older!) vintage Volkswagen, and I have been trying to narrow down the options a bit.

There is no real point looking at another Early Bay, or for that matter a later Bay either. I’ve never ever had a Karmann Ghia (although was tempted on one occasion!), but it’s not really what I’m looking for at the moment. My favourite vintage VW over the last few years was my 1960 Original paint ragtop Beetle, and would really love an early ragtop bug again at some point, but having had the Early Bay Westfalia camper, I really loved the extra space and potential that the VW camper format offers…

1960 Original paint ragtop Beetle
1960 Original paint ragtop Beetle

A friend has a really nice modern T4 Westfalia diesel camper van, a great example of a very original Westfalia with pretty much all the factory extras, which is very, very tempting… but I think what I really want, is the simplicity of a vintage VW Split Screen camper!

Original Sketch of the VW camper van
Original Sketch of the VW camper van

How a VW Split Screen compares to a VW Beetle in a Vintage Volkswagen advert…

Vintage Volkswagen advert
Vintage Volkswagen advert


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