colour combination conundrum continued…

Having previously run the M plate-code numbers and found out that my Early Bay SO67 Westafalia camper was  originally VW colour  L87 – Perl White, I’ve been thinking about what colour the interior colours should be for the door cards, side panels etc.

Originally in the rear areas it would have been treated ply and the Westafallia upholstery would have been the classic Mustard yellow. Some of the original ply sheets are intact and in reasonable condition (easily refurbished if I wanted to), it was just missing a couple of the rear sheets, including one for the tailgate.

It just struck me a little odd that it almost had two interior schemes going on at the same time. As upfront it had the original VW mushroom/beige coloured front seats and door cards as the original choice from the Volkswagen factory, before the Westafalia Campmobile interior was fitted in the back. It seemed that these were not really considered as a single interior in terms of making colours/materials working together in a unified way.

Clean un-cut or messed with dash
Clean un-cut or messed with dash
Original Westafalia interior
Original Westafalia interior
Original mustard yellow Westafalia interior (Rock & Roll bed folded flat)
Original mustard yellow Westafalia interior (Rock & Roll bed folded flat)

As some of the interior ply sheets were missing, and the front seats/door cards, although usable, were a little tatty and needed either repair or replacement, especially as everything else is getting brought back to its former glory, it seemed a good opportunity to try and unify both front and back sections of the interior.

So the new plan is to now choose a new colour combination for the front seats, door cards and interior panels, that works front to back with the existing mustard yellow Westafalia upholstery in the rear, the black & white checkered floor covering, the original ply head lining, the Westfalia veneered furniture/fittings, oh and of course the soon to be all new shiny L87 – Perl White exterior – so not much of a challenge there then!

The guiding principle for this new approach to the interior will be less is more, as Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe would often say!

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