Split Screen

stealth install subwoofer and Triple Function Dual USB Charger, LED Voltmeter and 12V Outlet Power Socket
It’s always nice to start things off with an easy win. So first thing on the list of things to do was to swap out the old rear light units with the new Custom and Commercial high-quality rear light housing units. I […]

a bit of light transformation

cast metal bright chrome finish rear light units (1962-7/71)
Last summer I managed to get the basics of a head unit and some speakers in the bus, but never had the subwoofer set-up and working. This in itself was quite a mini achievement for me and electrickery. Now it […]

Bling bling, boom boom…

have you got your FREE vdubxs 2018 calendar up on the wall yet?
So who’s got their FREE 2018 vdubxs Calendar up on the wall then? Hopefully, someone out there liked it? It would be cool to find out where they’ve ended up in the world? Why not post up some pics of your calendar on the vdubxs facebook page or even share […]

sorry, I didn’t get the memo…

on the road… www.vdubxs.com 2018 calendar © all rights reserved
It’s been great to have had a bit more time on the road in 2017. I thought it might be a fun way to end the year off and celebrate this with a selection of images compiled into a vdubxs.com first, a […]

FREE 2018 Calendar

a beautiful winters sunset by the sea
Some people like to keep their buses in tip-top showroom or concourse condition… which is great for preservation purposes. However, the people who are into vintage VW buses are as varied as the buses that are still out there on the roads. […]

dirt don’t hurt

LT28 Westfalia Sven Hedin camper – a home away from home
As the ‘baby’ of the family, it was nice to catch up with my older brother who was over in mainland UK for his late ‘summer’ holidays from the Isle of Man with his wife in their VW camper. I’d […]

big brothers big LT28 Westfalia Sven Hedin camper

cool vertically opening side windows
So after a timely cup of tea and biscuit, time to check out some of the other vehicles that had made the journey to Brighton Breeze 2017. One of the things I liked about the show was the variety on display, plenty of […]

Brighton Breeze Mods and Stockers

stunning lines on this beautiful looking type 34 Karmann Ghia Razorback 2
I’ve been busy with a work project recently, so not had much time to get out and about in my camper much. Good thing that Brighton Breeze is happening, great excuse to get out and go for a drive! The […]

this is Brighton Breeze calling…

an abandoned fishing boat on the shingle of Dungeness
Having got back from my mini European road trip to take in the amazing vintage VW show that is Hessisch Oldendorf in Germany, it was nice to have some time to catch up with my wife and kids again. Lorna […]

Happy memory making moments

the white cliffs of Dover mean I’m nearly home again
So time to leave my great little stop over in Strepy Thieu, Belgium and make the journey back to France and the port of Calais. The long day of travel yesterday means it will only be a couple of hours […]

au revoir Europe, the homeward journey

cool photo by the very talented Kris B
It was great to have a more relaxed day yesterday at the Notre Dame du Haut and spend time looking around La Ronchamp Chapel by Franco-Swiss Architect Le Corbusier, it really is a is a stunning piece of Architecture. In terms of my road […]

Long day ends with happy surprise