a vintage Volkswagen Plattenwagen at the VW museum in Wolfsburg, Germany 2
Ben Pon Show Well, looks like I have another really cool road trip to look forward to! I’ve finally booked my tickets to the Ben Pon 2nd Barndoor Gathering and Vintage VW Show that takes place on the weekend of 19th-20th May […]

Ben Pon Barndoor and vintage VW show 2018

a Ninove 2018 article in the Volkswagen and Camper magazine
Ninove 2018, the event I could not get to in the end As some may be aware, a couple of friends an I undertook the organising and promotion of this years official UK Cruise to Ninove.  Unfortunately, I could not get […]

ninove 2018 and fifteen minutes of fame

beautiful original condition late bay Westfalia camper
Living in the UK, it’s easy to be spoilt for choice if you ever want to go to a car show of some description. There are also some great shows in nearby Europe too. However, sometimes you stumble across a little […]

Autism Awareness Month VW show

cool vertically opening side windows
So after a timely cup of tea and biscuit, time to check out some of the other vehicles that had made the journey to Brighton Breeze 2017. One of the things I liked about the show was the variety on display, plenty of […]

Brighton Breeze Mods and Stockers

stunning lines on this beautiful looking type 34 Karmann Ghia Razorback 2
I’ve been busy with a work project recently, so not had much time to get out and about in my camper much. Good thing that Brighton Breeze is happening, great excuse to get out and go for a drive! The […]

this is Brighton Breeze calling…

an old perspective on perfection… stunning line up!
You soon realise the moment you start wandering around the streets of Hessisch Oldendorf that this really is a show like no other. It seemed like every street you walked down, or corner you turned, there was something special to […]

Hessisch – less words… more pictures!

doesn’t get much better than this original type 166 Schwimmwagen 2
Another early start, but the enticement of getting an early hot shower to start the day was enough to get me out of bed, knowing that I needed to get my bus into town and be registered before 9am. There […]

from 666 to type 166… Hessisch rocks!

Wowzers, a bare metal Rometsch coach built cabriolet, clearly this is going to be a great show! 2
Today is the day my bus finally finds its way back to its country of origin. It’s spent most of its life out in the west coast state of California in America before it came to me. Now it has […]

The final miles to Hessisch… das ist gut

does it get any cooler than this split window ragtop bug and Westfalia trailer combo
Getting up early and grabbing a prime parking spot in Ninove for the day certainly pays off when you can bask in the afternoon sunshine and watch the air cooled world pass you by over a spot of lunch… when I […]

Ninove… it’s been a blast

pick a colour, any colour you like…
Well, the main day of the weekend had finally arrived, an it looks like it’s going to be another bright and sunny Freddy Files, perfect weather with sunshine and 20º+ temp, good weather really helps make the weekend 🙂 Having got […]

this is how we roll in Ninove…

original, survivor, weathered, textured, rusty or patina?
Ollie and Gez’s journey by train on the Eurotunnel wasn’t so quick in the end. Unfortunately they got delayed so didn’t rock up till 1.20am in the morning! I had long since hit the sack for some shut-eye. So it […]

an’ then there were two – the road ...