Early Bay

The Early Bay SO67 Westfalia Camper leaves for a new home…
Well, D-Day has finally arrived – the departure day for my vintage VW Early Bay Westfalia SO67 camper! All loaded and strapped on to the back of a delivery truck, it’s now making its way off in the sunshine to […]

D-Day has arrived…

Varon magazine photo shoot in Whitstable
Finally got the OK to show one of the shots from earlier this year for the exclusive Mens Fashion magazines Varon photo shoot. The shoot took place at Whitstable in Kent with photographer Lonny Spence and a small team to […]

Early Bay gets used in exclusive Mens Fashion ...

The amazing De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill, East Sussex is an International Style building constructed in 1935 and designed by the architects Erich Mendelsohn and Serge Chermayeff, considered by some to be in an Art Deco style
Apologies for the lack of recent updates, ‘life’ has got in the way a bit recently! And when that happens, sometimes it is great to take a trip out and get a new perspective on things. This was exactly what […]

taking air cooled to a whole new level!

Red and black corrugated metal hut
After a few weeks of ‘varied’ spring weather, it is nice to see the sun out, an ideal day to take the VW Early Bay Westfalia camper out for a trip to the coast! So pack the milk, tea bags […]

taking a trip out to the harbour

Always nice to get 12 months road tax for free!
With the brand new German quality rubber boots fitted to the drivers side drag link and the steering drag link arm, the VW Early Bay Westfalia passed its MOT with flying colours, happy days, another 12 months MOT sorted! With […]

Tax Exempt Vintage VW’s rock

The new fitted track rod end ball joint dust cover boot (outer)
With both rubbers on the driver’s side track rod replaced with brand new German quality items, it was time to get the track rod refitted back into place again. Looking much better with the new rubbers in place! With the […]

the satisfaction of getting a job sorted and ...

The old track rod end ball joint dust cover boot (inner)
With the driver’s side track rod removed it was easy to see that the split boot rubbers had seen better days! The old inner boot rubber… …and the old outer boot rubber, both definitely needed changing! So once the old […]

Using German quality parts make such a difference!

The new front steering drag link ball joint dust cover boot fitted
With both ball joint rubbers on the steering drag link arm replaced with top quality German made replacements, it was time to get the steering drag link arm fixed back in position on the Early Bay Westfalia camper. Front end […]

Back and much, much better than before

The new steering drag link ball joint dust cover boot (front)
With the Draper expert ball joint scissor action splitter having done its job, it was easy to see the full extent of the split rubber boots, first the front… and then the rear boot, both had definitely seen better days! With […]

German made quality parts make a big difference

Front steering drag link ball joint dust cover boot not looking so good
As the wether was good, it made an ideal time to get under the VW Early Bay camper and get the split track rod rubber boots sorted. One of the advantages of it being a ‘stock’ van in terms of […]

time to get low down and dirty

A brand new set of German quality dust cover boots and fixings
Funny how quickly time flies, but it has come to that time of year for the Early Bay SO67 Westfalias MOT again! Having had such an extensive renovation, I knew all the major structure and mechanical issues would be fine, […]

attention to the small details – MOT time!