Brighton Breeze

Brighton Breeze – Mods and Stockers on the seafront

Not quite on my doorstep, but just a shortish drive up the coast to Brighton sees an almost end of the year show, at Brighton's Madeira Drive.

If you fancy a convoy or a drive down to Brighton in the company of hundreds of VW’s of all types, then the Brighton Breeze ‘Fun-Run’ is the VW event organised by the Split Screen Van Club.​

They have overnight camping available the night before at Hook Road Arena in Epsom, then the ‘Fun-Run’ starts from Hook Road on Saturday morning to Madeira Drive in Brighton. Normally there is a pretty mixed turnout of air and water-cooled vehicles at the show. I guess this will increasingly be the case with some shows moving forward?

Plenty of Mods and Stockers at Brighton Breeze

Want to see what all the fuss is about?

The countdown to Brighton Breeze starts here…


Real Van Life

Everyday ownership of a classic VW Split screen camper van and all the adventures that go towards keeping it on the road as a daily driver in the UK.

Warning it’s not all about Instagram lifestyle shots of beautiful people posing on the roof of the bus staring off into the landscape or watching the surf come in.

However, it is all about having fun! 

Getting out and about using the bus as it was intended to be used. To travel, explore, go camping in and have road trip adventures.

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