Bought a one way ticket on the train this afternoon…

So today was the day! At last, after what was beginning to seem like a never-ending, drawn out torturous wait, the day had finally come for my wife and I to go and see our potential ‘new’ split screen camper van! Although not a beautiful sunny day, we were both really excited to head off along the coast on the train to see the camper ‘in the flesh’, and the rain was certainly not going to dampen our spirits!

It was strange that after all of my searching, it was surprising that the van that ticked our various boxes, ended up being just 50 miles away from where we lived! However, it was not quite such a local ‘local’ deal as I initially imagined, as the owner actually lives off the western coast of Africa in Gran Canaria, Las Palmas!

Fortunately the bus was still with his family back home in the UK, so seeing and collecting it would be straight forward.

We got picked up from the station and headed off to see the camper. The owner had been pretty thorough in describing it, and on first sight of the Blue White (Blauweiss) L289 over Velvet Green L512 camper with a Canterbury Pitt interior, neither of us was disappointed!

However, it’s always important to not let your heart rule your head, so apart from my wonderful wife’s impartial objectivity, I also came prepared with a torch in hand to have a good look over all of the potential trouble spots, and it was pretty much as described, with no obvious hidden issues lurking hidden away. All in all it was a good solid original camper, that had been loving looked after with a few subtle modern updates!

So having spent a fair time going over the bus, my wife and I both agreed that yes, this was the one, and the deal struck and money transferred! By this time it was getting dark and once again the heavens opened, so we gathered all the paperwork, said our grateful goodbyes and got into our new camper and headed back on the road to home!

After driving home in the dark and rain, our new camper was finally home!
After driving home in the dark and rain, our new camper was finally home!

It was quite an amazing journey home, we were both really pleased with the new camper, and I have to say, it is quite possibly the quietest, easiest and smoothest air-cooled VW I have ever driven! It was a bit late and wet when we got home after our first 50 mile journey in it for pictures, but the above is a sneak peek, more will be on the way soon!

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