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Last summer I managed to get the basics of a head unit and some speakers in the bus, but never had the subwoofer set-up and working. This in itself was quite a mini achievement for me and electrickery. Now it was time to get some items on my to-do list properly sorted at last! However, sometimes I need an extra bit of help and external motivation keep things progressing and on track! Luckily for me, a friend very kindly offered to come down and help sort things out for me! Little did he know what he was letting himself into!

kick panels, speakers and headunit going in
kick panels, speakers and head unit going in

Boom boom

I had managed to get the basics of the bus stereo up and running for last summers trip to Hessisch Oldendorf, but in reality, it was more of a temporary work in progress. The main cabling at the front was too tight, the support housing not ideal, plus I had never found a way of hooking up the original aerial with the newer head unit to get the radio working. My wife would love having a working radio in the bus, so a working radio would make her one happy camper, an that’s a win win situation for all involved! 🙂

table install in the rear seat position for normal use
table install in the rear seat position for normal use

Unfortunately, my 10″ subwoofer in its enclosure was a bit too big and the wrong shape to fit neatly under the rear bench seat. Me being fussy, I did not want to go down the obvious/easier option of surface mounting it in the bench seat kick panel… ugly! Plus that would clearly be just way too easy to do! What I wanted, was to have it hidden away as a stealth install. So obviously this would need a custom subwoofer enclosure for the back of the bus. How hard could that be?

Bling bling

Then of course, I had never really decided where the pure sine wave inverter should live either! It would be good to get that resolved and possibly hidden away rather than just having it lying on the floor at the back! This to-do list is getting a bit out of hand already!

cast metal bright chrome finish rear light units (1962-7/71)
cast metal bright chrome finish rear light units (1962-7/71)

Light fantastic

During the summer, Custom and Commercial had a sale on, and I bought a pair of their high quality rear light housing (1962-7/71) NEW (Seconds) rear light units (OEM Part Number: 211945237JR). These are cast units like the original Genuine Hella one and finished in a bright chrome finish. They look amazing! 🙂 I bought these primarily to ensure better electrical connections and reduce earthing issues, as well as having much brighter rear brake and indicator lights. I’m sure any motorists following behind me on a dark road at night would appreciate that!

At the same time, I also bought some new replacement German quality ‘Hair style’ seat pads for the 1/3+2/3 front bench seats. So add that to the ever-growing list of little jobs to try to do then!

Get a vintage split screen camper they said. It will give you something to do they said. It will be fun they said…

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