Ben Pon

The Ben Pon Barndoor gathering is a fantastic opportunity to see so many Barndoor buses all gathered together in one place at the same time!

A Barndoor bus is the earliest incarnation of the Volkswagen bus. The original idea for the T1 van or Volkswagen Type 2 came from the Dutch Volkswagen importer Ben Pon, who drew the first sketches of the van on April 23, 1947. Ben Pon lived and worked in Amersfoort in the Netherlands. There is still a lot of VW history there and that’s why Amersfoort makes a great location to bring these Barndoor split buses together.​

Like the Hessisch Oldendorf show, this also takes place once every 4 years. The show takes place at the Wagenwerkplaats, the exact same spot where the trains came in from Germany to distribute all the VWs from Amersfoort to the VW dealers in the Netherlands.
making friends in the Ben Pon Barndoor camping area

Camping on-site, with plenty to see, do and eat and drink. Makes for a great road trip destination for a weekend away in the Netherlands!​

Want to see what all the fuss is about?

The countdown to Ben Pon 2023 starts here…


Real Van Life

Everyday ownership of a classic VW Split screen camper van and all the adventures that go towards keeping it on the road as a daily driver in the UK.

Warning it’s not all about Instagram lifestyle shots of beautiful people posing on the roof of the bus staring off into the landscape or watching the surf come in.

However, it is all about having fun! 

Getting out and about using the bus as it was intended to be used. To travel, explore, go camping in and have road trip adventures.

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