Beauty really can just be skin deep

Import buses

So far it all looks pretty good huh? Well it’s a US imported bus so that’s what’s to be expected, right? Wrong! OK, British buses are renowned for the lower 6″-12″ being rusted, but imported buses can have issues too, just in different places.

(1969 production year) 1970 Model VW Early Bay Westafalia
Original plaid Westafalia curtain fabric and louvre windows

However, it’s not until you start scratching below the surface (if it’s not an OG original paint bus) that some of these issues are revealed. So because this bus is having a thorough restoration and a full bare metal respray with the fantastic guys at my local restoration company Southern Kombi Parts, things that have been hidden away under window rubbers, previous repairs, layers of paint etc. will get revealed so that they can do a thorough professional job of getting the bus back to a proper solid-state.

(1969 production year) 1970 Model VW Early Bay Westafalia
(1969 production year) 1970 Model VW Early Bay Westfalia

Problem fixing

Fixing previous botched repairs, cutting out areas that have rusted through over the years from the gradual ingress of water and generally sorting out a myriad of issues that lurk below the hidden surfaces!

So advanced warning, this may get nasty before it gets good!

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