Anti-rust treatments – external coatings and cavity waxes – real world scenario testing/comparisons

I came across this really helpful and detailed report by Classics Monthly who began the longest-running test (3 years!) of its kind in the UK. No gimmicks, just time. Their findings could help preserve your classic’s metal, quite possibly indefinitely. I thought this might be useful reading for anybody interested in keeping their vintage vehicle protected from the dreaded ‘tin worm’ that is rust!

rust – every classic car owners nightmare
rust – every classic car owners nightmare

External Coatings
Applied using a new paint brush for each coating, they were painted onto freshly prepared, Heritage Quality MGB sill sections. Our thanks to Moss Europe for supplying the sill sections. 80-grit paper was lightly abraded over each only to determine the stability of the surface after three years.

Products tested; Bilt-Hamber Electrox, Caprotech RX10, Eastwood Rust Encapsulator, Noxudol 700, POR-15, Rust Bullet Six Shooter, Rust Seal, Rustbuster Epoxy-Mastic 121

Cavity Waxes
These were applied as best as reasonably possible using quality equipment and the supplied manufacturer’s instructions. Each wax was sprayed into a fully sealed sill section and allowed to settle before they were internally inspected for the first time to ensure the applications were considered successful for the purpose of the test. The sections were only split for our final inspections. Ease of application plays a key factor in successful protection so we didn’t underestimate it when judging the products.

Products tested; Bilt-Hamber Dynax S50, Caprotech RX7, MIL-Spec 3215, Noxudol 700, Waxoyl, Korrosionsschutzfett

Real world scenario
It’s important to understand we have not conducted a ‘scientific’ test. We have conducted a test based on how the products should be expected be used given the information supplied with them and a level of competence on the part of the user. These are retail products, not products supplied solely for trained personnel application.

You can download the Classics Monthly 4 page pdf report here…
Classics Monthly (June 2013) Anti-rust treatments comparison tests/results

Hope people find this report as useful and interesting as I did?

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