a tale of great customer service

The cab floor (drivers side) was looking a bit perforated near where the steering column goes through the floor, but unfortunately as the standard repair panel only covers the first 12″-14″ from the door step, it did not reach the areas that needed repair.

One option could be to carry out a localised patch repair, which although would do the trick, it would remove some of the factory pressings in the floor. I guess it is not a big issue, but in my mind it would look a bit ugly/crude, and has been the mantra thus far, do it once, do it right!

So I spoke with Steve at Alan Schofields and ordered a new replacement drivers side cab floor half panel. To save time/effort having to remove the default primer from it when it arrives before getting it welded in place, I asked Steve if it could be supplied in bare metal. No problem, not only did he make the panel up from scratch (as they were out of stock at the time I called), but he had it made/delivered, all within two days! Now that’s what I call great customer service – thanks Steve/Alan Schofields!

New cab floor half section from Alan Schofields
New cab floor half section from Alan Schofields

This should look great when welded into place, and much neater too!

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