you wait all day for a barndoor bus and then…
Ben Pon showtime… OK, fair warning, there might be a fair few photos and videos of air cooled Barndoor buses to follow! In fact, there could be a fair few pictures of all sorts of vintage air cooled vehicles of […]

Ben Pon Bad Ass Barndoor show 2018

cool vintage air cooled VW’s everywhere you look 2
Barndoor Buses and BBQ’s, what’s not to like… Nice to wake up on the first day of my mini road trip with the sun shining, maybe it’s time to go see some Barndoor buses today! But first things first, time to […]

Barndoors and BBQ’s, what’s not to like…

bye bye England and the white cliffs of Dover
The road trip to Ben Pon starts here… Sometimes things all seem to come at once. So before the road trip can begin, I had to get the MOT sorted, then it was also time to update my (free) road […]

the road trip to Ben Pon is on

a delicious Souvlaki from the fantastic Girls Gone Greek seaside street food 2
first and the last MOT for a little while? With all the forthcoming changes to the UK MOT system in relation to how some vehicles over 40 years old (on a rolling basis) could now be made exempt from MOT […]

first and the last MOT for a little ...

a vintage Volkswagen Plattenwagen at the VW museum in Wolfsburg, Germany 2
Ben Pon Show Well, looks like I have another really cool road trip to look forward to! I’ve finally booked my tickets to the Ben Pon 2nd Barndoor Gathering and Vintage VW Show that takes place on the weekend of 19th-20th May […]

Ben Pon Barndoor and vintage VW show 2018

a Ninove 2018 article in the Volkswagen and Camper magazine
Ninove 2018, the event I could not get to in the end As some may be aware, a couple of friends an I undertook the organising and promotion of this years official UK Cruise to Ninove.  Unfortunately, I could not get […]

ninove 2018 and fifteen minutes of fame

some proper bling on this two-wheeled air cooled scooter
Summers coming You know that summer is coming when you start seeing a few more air-cooled VW’s on the road. Seems that now is the time that a few more are coming out of their winter’s hibernation! I was walking […]

Summer is slowly coming

will the annual MOT be a thing of the past for classics cars in the UK? 2
To MOT or not to MOT, that is the question… It’s coming to the time of year when my annual UK MOT will soon be due for renewal, but this year, things could be different, as the law is about to […]

MOT changes

beautiful original condition late bay Westfalia camper
Living in the UK, it’s easy to be spoilt for choice if you ever want to go to a car show of some description. There are also some great shows in nearby Europe too. However, sometimes you stumble across a little […]

Autism Awareness Month VW show

best be heading back before the snow takes over
Opps, a bit of a delay in posting as I got sidetracked with a work project! So where we… having got the essential items sorted on the camper, it was good to have some time to look at tackling some […]

crazy snow business…

stealth install subwoofer and Triple Function Dual USB Charger, LED Voltmeter and 12V Outlet Power Socket
It’s always nice to start things off with an easy win. So first thing on the list of things to do was to swap out the old rear light units with the new Custom and Commercial high-quality rear light housing units. I […]

a bit of light transformation

cast metal bright chrome finish rear light units (1962-7/71)
Last summer I managed to get the basics of a head unit and some speakers in the bus, but never had the subwoofer set-up and working. This in itself was quite a mini achievement for me and electrickery. Now it […]

Bling bling, boom boom…