Great garden, great people Sometimes you find a great stopover and don’t really want to move on. The beautiful Sandown Castle community garden was
Bus blues With lockdowns and shutdowns, there have been limited opportunities to enjoy using the bus as much as I would like. It’s been
Some say this strange box on four wheels is the most iconic type of camper van in the world!

They’re not the best equipped campers on the market. Nor the fastest or the most comfortable. The technology is dated and can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to get used to. They are also a bit quirky to drive. Strange choice for a classic camper then!

cool camping stop over in Germany

To me, none of this really matters though. It has its own unique character and story. Without doubt, it’s my fave vehicle ever! People wave at you whilst you’re driving around. You stop places and have complete strangers come up and start conversations with you about it. So many stories, from so many different people. It does way more than merely just get you from A to B.

Yes it’s cool. No I’m not going to paint it!

This is a standard reply to one of my most commonly asked questions. The bus was made in Germany in 1963/1964. It is still mostly original and solid in all the right places! Sure, the paint is faded and worn through in areas. That’s to be expected after all these years. Especially if you spent most of those early years in sunny California. You only get original once, and this bus shows its age with pride!

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