a custom tristar captive nut was made and caged in place
On our recent summer road trip to Scotland, we had a small incident where the passenger cab door flew open when we thought it was shut! Fortunately it happened when we were going slowly around a corner as we were stopping for […]

lock, stock and not falling out of the ...

new rubbers upfront should help keep the rain away from the lights
For the most part, I know my limitations on working on the bus. It’s been good spending the odd day trying to help with bits at Resto Classics whist they tackle stuff way beyond my ability. However there are some easy jobs […]

lights at the end of the tunnel – ...

putting a new coat of paint on the roof… or at least most of the roof!
I started out with the ambition to clean up and protect the roof gutters, along with fixing up a previous roof dent repair. As is often the case, one thing invariably leads to another… but at least the roof is now […]

Holy L472 Beige Grey colour conundrums Batman!

localised swage line rust clean up treated and put in red oxide primer
OK, so with the bus roof gutters cleaned right back to bare metal to remove any rust, it was now time to treat the metal that had been affected by rust with some Granville rust cure, prior to getting them painted in grey […]

where does protection end and restoration begin?

1955 VW Panelvan rescued from the depths of a forest
If you’re going to rescue a VW 1955 panelvan from the depths of a forest, then undoubtedly this is how to do it! Apparently it was left abandoned, deep in a forest valley in the French alps for at least 40 years! It was […]

if you’re going to rescue a VW 1955 ...

vintage distressed illustration and typographic montage
I’ve been busy recently using my daytime skills to create a whole series vintage VW inspired goodies for sale on the Society6 website. So if you’re looking for a present or gift for someone (or a little treat for yourself […]

great gifts and goodies galore

getting there… straight, true and rust free
Having got the underside of the bus cleaned up and protected, it was now time to look at the roof and gutters. The most obvious issue was an area over the rear corner of the bus. At some point in the past, […]

from the bottom to the top – time ...

Ford GT40 in Gulf colours… vroooom!
I went to pick up some red oxide primer today for the bus. I got to the local paint shop to find this parked outside… not something you see everyday, a Ford GT40 in Gulf colours… vroooom!   At a height of 40 inches (the 40 […]

not something you see everyday, a Ford GT40 ...

custom power assisted steering rack conversion so neat it looks like factory spec
Well, once again the guys at Resto Classics have come up with brilliant solution for the custom powered steering rack for my vintage VW bus! Their collective knowledge and experience has produced a really awesome result, so a big shout out to Nathan for […]

custom power steering rack upgrade for a vintage ...

who you looking at Buseyes
Although I’m keen on keeping my VW bus pretty much ‘stock’, I never intended it to be a candidate for the VW Wolfsburg museum in Germany! This is bus to be used as our camper, so some things over time […]

outwardly at least, keeping it stock-ish

full rust in effect, or is it painted rust?
Know thy enemy, and for most people who own vintage VW’s (or for that matter, any other classic car) rust can be public enemy Nº 1, well I say for most, but there are some who it might be more a […]

rust is not a crime… or is it ...

the undersides transformation with second and final coat of the red oxide coloured Epoxy Mastic 121
Been another couple of long days lying under the bus. Going over the areas you’ve already painted was always going to be tough. The initial thrill of seeing the aluminium coloured Epoxy Mastic 121 transformation was going to be hard act to follow, […]

protecting the underside of the bus – battered ...