vintage distressed illustration and typographic montage
I’ve been busy recently using my daytime skills to create a whole series vintage VW inspired goodies for sale on the Society6 website. So if you’re looking for a present or gift for someone (or a little treat for yourself […]

great gifts and goodies galore

cool Porsche 911… all part of the aircooled family
Just had my second year anniversary with my bus, clearly time flies when you’re having fun 🙂 I don’t need to have a reminder set for the event, as it just so happens to roughly coincide with renewing the insurance and MOT. After all […]

time flies when you’re having fun

three Anthony Burrill letterpress posters cut up for the locker front
The decoupage process of gluing the original vintage world map to the underside of the locker shelf took a bit of work to complete. Stepping up from small test pieces to a large map was quite a challenge! After it was initially glued […]

time to break something to make something new

original vintage world map for the undershelf finish
Right, the basic elements are cut to shape for my Westfalia inspire rear overhead locker, it’s now time to bring them together and start looking at the final finishes for the unit. Plywood is a great construction material in that it […]

a good spanner in the works

new life for an original vintage Triumph spanner
Creative design inspiration can really come from anywhere. My interior design inspiration for the bus has actually come from the exterior of the camper. Since owning this VW bus, I have become aware of something called ‘Kintsugi’ – The Japanese Art of recognizing […]

Kintsugi inspiration – better through imperfection

sometimes night time is the right time
With the rear Westfalia inspired overhead locker fascia, door and shelf cut to shape, time to crack on with getting it finished! The thicker plywood fascia had a couple of small gaps and splits in it which needed filling and gluing […]

camper interior… nothing like a challenge to inspire

the testing pays off, we have the beginnings of an overhead locker
Me being a bit OCD in nature, I was glad I had decided to make a few little tweaks to my development and testing templates. The unit will literally be over my head when trying to get to sleep in the […]

my new camper interior starts taking shape

things can’t get started without a cup of tea first
I could not fully check my first template as I had over looked the rear roof support an not allowed for the thickness of the plywood itself. Having now taken the missing additional dimensions, it was time to move on and […]

if at first you don’t succeed…

enjoying the view… not all work has to be done in a garage
OK, some updates on my slowly evolving design ideas for the camper interior. I’ve been measuring up and developing my thoughts into some basic CAD (cardboard aided design!) prototyping for a rear overhead storage unit. What works in theory doesn’t always work or sit […]

camper interior design updates

does it get any cooler than this split window ragtop bug and Westfalia trailer combo
Getting up early and grabbing a prime parking spot in Ninove for the day certainly pays off when you can bask in the afternoon sunshine and watch the air cooled world pass you by over a spot of lunch… when I […]

Ninove… it’s been a blast

pick a colour, any colour you like…
Well, the main day of the weekend had finally arrived, an it looks like it’s going to be another bright and sunny Freddy Files, perfect weather with sunshine and 20º+ temp, good weather really helps make the weekend 🙂 Having got […]

this is how we roll in Ninove…

original, survivor, weathered, textured, rusty or patina?
Ollie and Gez’s journey by train on the Eurotunnel wasn’t so quick in the end. Unfortunately they got delayed so didn’t rock up till 1.20am in the morning! I had long since hit the sack for some shut-eye. So it […]

an’ then there were two – the road ...

twilight in the middle of the English Channel
Well, I finally got my act together an sorted everything out for Freddy Files 2017, looks like the road trip to Ninove is on! Unfortunately I couldn’t make it last year, so I’m really looking forward to this one. Planning to […]

a road trip that begins with a ferry ...