vintage distressed illustration and typographic montage
I’ve been busy recently using my daytime skills to create a whole series vintage VW inspired goodies for sale on the Society6 website. So if you’re looking for a present or gift for someone (or a little treat for yourself […]

great gifts and goodies galore

does it get any cooler than this split window ragtop bug and Westfalia trailer combo
Getting up early and grabbing a prime parking spot in Ninove for the day certainly pays off when you can bask in the afternoon sunshine and watch the air cooled world pass you by over a spot of lunch… when I […]

Ninove… it’s been a blast   Recently updated !

pick a colour, any colour you like…
Well, the main day of the weekend had finally arrived, an it looks like it’s going to be another bright and sunny Freddy Files, perfect weather with sunshine and 20º+ temp, good weather really helps make the weekend 🙂 Having got […]

this is how we roll in Ninove…   Recently updated !

original, survivor, weathered, textured, rusty or patina?
Ollie and Gez’s journey by train on the Eurotunnel wasn’t so quick in the end. Unfortunately they got delayed so didn’t rock up till 1.20am in the morning! I had long since hit the sack for some shut-eye. So it […]

an’ then there were two – the road ...

twilight in the middle of the English Channel
Well, I finally got my act together an sorted everything out for Freddy Files 2017, looks like the road trip to Ninove is on! Unfortunately I couldn’t make it last year, so I’m really looking forward to this one. Planning to […]

a road trip that begins with a ferry ...

camping out in France on the way to Ninove 2015
Regular followers of vdubxs will remember a while ago I upgraded my windscreen wiper motor with one of Buttys Bits 12v wiper units. It’s an awesome and highly recommended upgrade! You get the advantage of having a brand new 12v motor, […]

all change… road trip to Ninove is back ...

happy to be out an’ about on a grey rainy day
February is a busy old month for us. We both have birthdays, plus it’s also our wedding anniversary as well, and this year was our 25th – I’m lucky to be married to such an amazing lady! Not the normal sort […]

busy month, but work in progress

still miss my old super solid 1960 RHD golde ragtop Beetle
Although I love VW buses, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for VW Beetles as well. As a kid, my first happy automotive memories were made in my Dad’s VW camper. However, the first air cooled VW I ever owned […]

hard to not fall in love with a ...

out an about on a winters eve… the Triso Super 10 plus insulation makes a big difference!
OK, some of you might remember this picture? We were pretty pleased at the time that we had got the front kick panels custom fitted up with some mid range speakers with separate tweeters. Not only that, we also got the ply panels covered […]

stop… camper interior change of plans

always good to get out an about in the bus
You know what’s good about having a few targets? It gives me some kind of focused motivation to get things done! Well one of my targets is now set and booked! This year I wanted to get my act together an book a […]

time for some new memory making moments…

attracted a VW bus buddy on this mornings cold start
Funny how sometimes you can look back on a year and think you’ve not done a lot. As 2016 morphed into 2017, I was beginning to think exactly that. It was only when I started to put a small nine […]

change is inevitable… change is constant

golden hour at Dungeness
With the new fog/reverse lights fitted and cavities wax oiled to complete the winterisation, it was time to add some fuel and go for a ride in the bus after all the work has been completed! It’s great to be sitting […]

project winterisation complete so back on the road ...

vintage original Wipac front fog lights
Earlier this summer we went to a local classic car show. It always has a good mix of different marques of vehicles including a few military examples and some cool motorbikes as well. VW specific shows can be fun, but […]

let there be light…